The Director’s Message


Newton Institute of Education is establish since year 2004. Our institution has a partnership with Nanjing Normal University and China Hanban organization. The China Hanban Organization authorized Newton Institute to provide the various Chinese language assessments like HSK – Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, YCT – Young Chinese Test, BCT – Business Chinese Test.

This institution of ours also provides Chinese Language learning to schools private institutions and organizations. Currently our clients are from various international schools, local national institution and several Multi National Companies.

Our team of qualified teachers are from china and Indonesia. They provide strong delivery in teaching the Chinese integrated curriculum to the students.

Chinese language is the world’s second most spoken language in the world and it should be a language to be learnt.

I believe that Newton Institute of Education could be a platform for you to master this important language and to improve and widen your communication with the world.