“Great teachers. Learning Mandarin has been fun and the quality of the materials are great.”
Maria, Bank Employee


“After learning Mandarin in Newton Education Center, my Mandarin has improved a lot. It is really fun to study here, because the other students are very funny too. Our teacher explained the course very well. I recommend this place to all of you who want to learn Mandarin. You will love it here. 谢谢老师。”
Micheline, Student


“Newton provides good facility and teacher. Also, the course was designed specifically all levels from beginner and advanced. For the time and place, it is flexible enough for students to manage our schedule. The most important part is, the teacher and environment is really fun and good. Really recommended place to study Mandarin.”
Dhanny, Student


“Newton Mandarin is the most fun place to take Mandarin course. I really recommend all of you to visit and take course at this place. You will like and love it, for the teacher is really easy going and fun. Ah, my Mandarin improved a lot. Thanks Newton Mandarin, 我很高兴认识你。 谢谢老师, 我爱你!”
Rosa, Student


我们的老师非常好。 虽然我们常常开玩笑可是老师还对我们好。 希望以后有用普通话谈一谈的机会。 我也要感谢 Dewi 老师, Ms. Tika, pak Roy, pak Eka, 新纽顿教育中心的主任和mbak Imah。 再见!
Brian, Student


“It is a very good place to learn Mandarin. 100%.”
Steven, Professional


Eric, Professional


“Learning in Newton is a great experience. The friends are great, the teachers are helpful and nice.”
Pauline, Professional

“I was contacting the email on the website. At the beginning, I’m glad that the website is active. The service and explanation before I decided to join the class was very clear, without any pressure or pushing me to join the program. The classes are very nice, with candies and mineral water. The building also clean and nice. The teacher love to share and understand our needs. Overall, I am very satisfied with this course.”
Cecilia, Employee

Ucha, Student